Motoworks - Exhausts / Filters

From the US manufacturer MOTOWORKS all your 4 stroke ATV exhaust and intake needs.

ECU Bypass

‘Because horsepower is a terrible thing to waste.’ The Motoworks ECU Bypass has been developed and engineered to pull the absolute maximum performance from your engine. As the name implies, our ECU bypasses the OEM rev limiter and stock fuel map restrictions. The result, is more than 1000 peak RPM and increased fuel flow which translate into serious power gains. The Motoworks ECU Bypass features Motoworks ‘Plug-In’ technology, so it installs in minutes without tools. There’s simply no easier way to increase performance. The Motoworks ECU Bypass is a ‘must have’ with the Motoworks SR4 Exhaust to set your quad free
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