PowerMadd - Controls / Steering


  • Ultimate hand protection for motorcycle, ATV riders
  • Engineered to provide the ultimate in hand protection against the elements
  • Removable insert for summer or winter conditions
  • Fully adjustable mounting system allows for a variety of positions to fit the riders needs
  • A great way to add that "racer" look while providing excellent wind protection
  • A must for all racers to protect hands against roost and flying debris
  • Universal mounting kits for fast, simple installation
  • Mounting kits consist of aluminum brackets, hardened steel straps and stainless steel hardware
  • Colours Available:

PM14200   Silver / Black

PM14201   Ski Doo Yellow / Black

PM14202   Red / Black

PM14203   Green / Black    

PM14204   Blue / Black

PM14205   Orange/ B lack 

PM14206   Suzuki Yellow / Black

PM14207   Honda Red / Black

PM14208   White / Black   

PM14210   Black / Black     

PM14221   Blue / White

PM14230   Black / Silver

PM14231   Blue / Silver  

PM14232   Red / Silver 

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