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Podium X For ATV & Side X Side

The Podium X rear shock is outfitted with features like a 47mm steel body, massive 5/8” super-finished chrome shaft, remote reservoir, external rebound adjustments, plus our external dual speed compression (DSC) adjustment.  The added oil volume in the Podium X makes it the perfect solution for ATV rear applications where higher spring rates and more damping are required.

The podium x sets the industry standard for performance and durability. The springs that come on your podium x are customized for your weight, riding style and terrain. Your podium x shock will either be fitted with dual springs or a single spring, depending on your make of swing-arm and linkage. Different swing-arm and linkage combinations require different spring characteristics to work well. A single spring shock has a linear spring rate throughout the shock travel. Ride height (sag) adjustments are made by adjusting the spring preload. A dual spring shock has a main spring (long) and a tender spring (short), which
combine to give a softer initial spring rate with a stiffer spring rate deep into travel. The vehicle ride-height (sag) adjustments are made by varying spring preload. The shock bottoming resistance can be tuned by adjusting the spring “crossover.” The spring crossover is the point in the shock travel where the spring rate increases; the default setting is 55% of total shock travel.
NEW Piggyback or Remote Reservoir
47mm Durable Steel Body
Velocity Sensitive Damping Control
5/8” Super-Finished Hard Chrome Shaft
Piggyback or Remote Reservoir
Chrome Silicon Dual & Single Springs
Dual Speed Compression Adjuster - DSC
Wide-Range Rebound Adjuster
Spring Preload Adjust


ATV Racing, Dunes and Trail
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