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Flexx Bars


Fasstco Flexx bar features:
  • Adjustable rise; customize your bar bend to fit you.

  • Bars come in 32, 31 and 29 inches wide (see application chart below)

  • 1-1/8" center tube diameter (requires oversize bar clamps)

  • We offer 10, 12,14 and 15 degree sweeps (see application chart below)
    10 degrees is 40mm of pullback
    12 degrees is 54mm of pullback
    14 degrees is 57mm of pullback
    15 degrees is 62mm of pullback

  • We offer two different heights of bars one at 92mm, and the other at 116mm (see application chart below)

  • Interchangeable elastomers to fit your riding style (soft, med, hard and stiff). All bars are shipped with all four elastomers.

  • Absorbs most vibration

  • Ride longer and harder

  • Reduce arm pump and hand fatigue

  • Braking bumps and hard landings become less of an issue

  • Used by riders all around the world

No other handlebar on the market can provide the rider with the performance and comfort benefits that the patented (Patent # 6,860,500) Flexx Handlebar System can. The Flexx Handlebar System provides the most comfortable ride possible and virtually eliminates vibration. From a beginning trail rider to a pro motocrosser, across the board performance and comfort will be gained with the Flexx Handlebar System.

The Flexx Handlebar System flexes in the same plane as the front suspension allowing a natural movement for your arms that compliments the suspension. The rider can also control how soft or stiff the Flexx Handlebar System rides as well as adjusting the rise of the handlebar. These options can be obtained through changing the elastomers and shims to create the perfect bend and desired stiffness for your needs.

The Flexx Handlebar System is a labor-intensive product. With construction methods from the latest in CNC machining and extruding to hands on assembly methods by a highly qualified production crew that employ strict tolerances to every component of the Flexx Handlebar System. It is not uncommon to see Cole Townsend, or Chris Tidwell, the owners of Fasst Company, out in the shop hammering away on production, and a day doesn't go by when Cole's dad Wayne is not in the assembly room keeping every component of the Flexx System up to the quality our customers have come to expect from us.

With proprietary materials, the FLEXX Handlebar System will provide its user with a handlebar that is unmatched in today's handlebar market. The FLEXX System will take your riding experience to the next level...

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