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From the US manufacturer MOTOWORKS all your 4 stroke ATV exhaust and intake needs.

Pro Design K&N Flow Kits

Pro Flow air cleaner kits by Pro Design, upgrade the air filter system by supplying a bolt in air cleaner flange, sealed via O-Ring that allows the air filter to be clamped on. This makes the lid an option, not a necessary item. Kit supplied with; CNC Billet Air Cleaner Flange,O-Ring,(K&N or Uni-Foam) Air Filter, Outerwear or Foam Wrap (where applicable) *On most models the kit uses a special air filter made special to work with the CNC flange. Do not be mislead by poor imitations. Pro Design is the pioneer in ATV air cleaner kits. All Pro Design Pro Flow kits are professionally engineered and field tested to ensure performance and function are at a premium. The attention to detail on Pro Design manufactured components are second to none. The littles things like proper air filter fit, correct O-Ring groove machining, efficiant aerodynamics make genuine Pro Flow kits the only air filter kits DRI will use and sell. With our engines we refuse to take a chance on the air our engines breath. Neither should you! ** PHOTO MAY NOT REPRESENT YOUR MODEL
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