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Holeshot SR Radial ATV Tyre

The new Holeshot SR has a 4-ply rating and rolls out in two sizes - 21/7R10 front and 20x10R9 rear - for most popular late-model sport ATVs.

  • Front: 21/7R10; Rear: 20/10R9.
  • Holeshot performance meets radial tire technology!
  • Comfortable ride and exceptional handling over a wide variety of terrain!
  • Reduced rider fatigue and enhanced control and confidence!
  • Dual-sipped knobs offer unmatched acceleration on intermediate to hard-packed surfaces!
  • Light weight and low profile provide MX tire type handling!
  • Widely spaced knobs slide and brake predictably, and offer excellent self-cleaning capabilities!
  • Long-wearing tread compound make this tire both fast and durable!
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