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Trac Star Radial ATV Tyre

• Provides all the benefits of radial tire technology-super-comfortable ride and
exceptional traction over a wide variety of terrain conditions-but with a hard-core sporting edge.
• Very light in weight yet 6-ply tough to inspire greater rider confidence.
• Unique Z-shaped tread pattern and natural rubber compound deliver exceptional performance and extended tire life.
• Front Trac Star rides like an OEM tire but steers like an MX racing-type tire, for excellent ride comfort and precise control.
• Rear Trac Star's staggered tread pattern provides a perfect balance of traction and
control that enables it to hold a line as well as slide predictably.
• Wide spacing between knobs makes this one of the best self-cleaning tires on the market-ideal for muddy conditions.
• Significant improvement in cornering and overall handling compared to OEM tires.
• Available for many of today's popular ATV models.
• Shop and compare-you won't find a 6lpy radial sport tyre at this price anywhere else!

Front: 21/7R10, 22/7R10 (6-ply)

Rear: 20/10R9 (6-ply)

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