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CDI Torque Products

CDI’s mechanical torque product lines include click type torque wrenches, dial indicating torque wrenches, torque limiting screwdrivers and a number of special...
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  • Sioux Pnematics - Tools For The Way You Work

    Sioux Pnematics - Tools For The Way You Work   Click on the link to check out this great range of Air Tools   http://www.sioux...
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  • Williams Tools Available Now!

    Click on the Link to get a preview of the range   Huge Range of Hand Tools, Great Prices
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  • Tyrepliers ATV 4'-19' Hammerhead Bead Breaker

    The Tyrepliers Bead Breaker is suitable for use on all 4-19” rims (alloy and steel) - both safety and split type rims. Tyrepliers works directly on the bead of the tyre...
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