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Tyrepliers ATV 4'-19' Hammerhead Bead Breaker

The Tyrepliers Bead Breaker is suitable for use on all 4-19” rims (alloy and steel) - both safety and split type rims. Tyrepliers works directly on the bead of the tyre and will not damage the tyre if used correctly. The tool weighs only 2.7 kilograms, is compact enough to be easily stored in a vehicle or a tool kit and is easily transported. Construction method: BHP steel is used Heavy bore pipe is used for the handles. The jaws are made from alloy steel giving extra wear resistance, strength and durability Hi tensile unbrako grade 12.9 socket head caps screws are used. Nyloc nuts are used Tyrepliers are electroplated which ensures the tool is rust resistant even when exposed to extreme environmental conditions. The Australian army evaluated manual tyre bead breakers over a two year period and concluded that Tyrepliers surpassed all other tools [used to break the bead on tyres] on the Australian market. Tyrepliers® is the only Manual Bead Breaker to receive the endorsement of the Australian Army. The main points of merit were: Silent operation The tool worked every time. Tyrepliers have a full warranty - even for military applications (within Australia) The one tool could be applied to a larger range of rims - from 4” through to 19 ”. Tyrepliers was the most compact tool. Tyrepliers was the most “user-friendly” tool. The Australian Army could not fault the product Subsequently, the Tyrepliers Manual Tyre Bead Breaker has been allocated an internationally recognizable NATO Stock Number
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