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Terracross R/T XD Radial ATV Tyre

  • TerraCross R/T sizing: 25x8R-12, 25x10R-12, 26x9R-12, 26x11R-12, 25x9R-14*, 25x10R-14*, 26x8R-14, 26x9R-14, 26x11R-14. *New for 2008.
  • The best handling utility tire on the market today just got better!
  • For 2008, the TerraCross R/T tire line uses all-new XD (Extreme Duty) construction -- an extra sidewall ply and increased sidewall and tread rubber thickness for improved puncture protection.
  • New, extra-tough rubber compound significantly increases tread life.
  • The 2008 TerraCross R/T XD offers much greater durability and reliability, resulting in a much higher-mileage tire.
  • Specially designed 14-inch sizes make the TerraCross R/T the new standard in side-by-side UTV tires. A standout performer on ATVs as well!
  • 14-inch UTV 1000-pound maximum load capacity per tire, at 12 psi.
  • All 12-inch sizes are now UTV rated.
  • Interlocking tread pattern and wide footprint result in exceptional traction and flotation.
  • Ideal for mud, snow and sand.
  • Radial construction offers a much smoother ride and greater overall control, enhancing operator confidence.
  • The wrap-around shoulder lugs offer excellent sidewall protection and traction when navigating rutted trails.
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